About Us

Who is Look Now Training?

Look Now Training is dedicated to ensuring our students receive the highest quality training and achieve real world outcomes of employment, career advancement and professional development. With the understanding that all of our students have different lifestyles, commitments, career aspirations and learning styles, Look Now Training strives to provide flexible training options, with study programs tailored to each students needs. Passionate about supporting our students achieve their training and employment goals, we are committed to providing the best quality education using highly skilled and experienced learning facilitators.

Our Past

Founded in 2009, Look Now Training is built upon an intricate knowledge of Vocational Education and Training, and a commitment to see our communities enriched through the gift of education. As a member of the JPC Group of companies, Look Now Training was established to enhance the lives of community members involved in the many programs run and coordinated by John Pearson Consulting through education and training, and in the past 6 years has flourished to become a premium Registered Training Organisation. Look Now Training also has a passion for supporting Indigenous Australian's to access quality training that will provide the best opportunity for gaining employment. Having delivered training to Indigenous learners across Australia, Look Now Training understands the learning styles of Australia's first people and is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to succeed. Our value of relationships, both with our students, industry and other training providers has enabled us to continually deliver outstanding results for our clients and students, which is evident in our multiple 2020 nominations, regional and state finalists and several winners in the Queensland Training Awards.

Your Future

Studying with Look Now Training is a strong investment in your future. With an understanding that each of our students is unique, with different goals, lifestyles and commitments, we work with you to develop a learning strategy that meets your needs, propelling you towards your learning and career goals. So stop dreaming, and start learning! Contact us today to discuss your future with a careers advisor, and learn how studying with Look Now Training will get your career on track.

Industry Excellence

Look Now Training is proud to be an industry leading training provider, demonstrated through our industry recognition and associations across Queensland and Australia. In all areas of study, Look Now Training is aligned with key professional bodies, such as the Australian Institute of Project Management, Construction Skills Queensland, The Australian Institute of Management, as well as industry associations such as ACPET. In addition, Look Now Training staff are members of the Australian Institute of Management, ensuring that staff remain up-to-date with all aspects of business.