AHC31116 Certificate III in Production Nursery

About this course

Nationally Recognised Training

Production Nursery is the science of producing large quantities of plants by seed, cutting, grafting, budding, tissue culture or genetic manipulation and growing them to accepted standards for sale.

This qualification is ideal for anyone looking to work for Australia’s top nurseries and florists. You will learn the skills needed for production roles, including irrigation, propagation and pest management.

This qualification is offered as an Apprenticeship. Apprenticeships combine work with training in a nationally recognised qualification. You will be provided with practical training via hands on work with your chosen employer with a diverse range of projects, tasks, and equipment.

Is this course right for you?

If you want a course that will provide you the best start to your career, with flexible study options and supportive training, this qualification may be for you!

This course, and associated apprenticeship, broadens your employment opportunities to include larger producers,  but also local and international employers.

Our highly experienced trainers are strongly embedded in the industry and will give you the one-on-one guidance you need to succeed.  We will work with you and your employer throughout your apprenticeship to develop a training plan, deliver training and assess your achievements along the way. Our trainers provide personalised support every step of the way, to ensure you have the knowledge and practical skills you need to work in this field.

Course length

3 years full-time or 6 years part-time.

Start anytime.

Course delivery

This qualification is delivered via a combination of online and work-based learning.

Online delivery gives you the flexibility to fit your study around your existing commitments while still having the full support of industry experts.

Work-based learning purposefully merges theory with practice to provide students with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop their employability.

Your trainer will visit your workplace to provide you with face-to-face theoretical training and complete assessments.

Some off-the-job training may also occur.


Prior to enrolling your proficiency in language, literacy and numeracy will be assessed to determine any support requirements.

You will need access to a computer with an internet connection.

This qualification is available to persons eligible to undertake an Australian Apprenticeship or Traineeship. You will be required to be signed into a contract through an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (ASSN) prior to commencement.


  • Full-time apprentices and trainees work and train an average of 38 hours per week and have ongoing employment.
  • Part-time apprentices and trainees are rostered to work on a regular basis, working and training no less than 15 hours per week, averaged over a 4-week cycle.
  • Existing workers may be employed as an apprentice or trainee in a full-time or part-time capacity.
  • The nominal term of a part-time apprenticeship or traineeship is generally double that of the full-time apprenticeship or traineeship.

See https://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/programs/support-australian... for requirements relating to support for Australian Apprentices with disability.


Total number of units = 16 (11 core unit  plus 5 elective units).

 Note: Electives units are subject to change.


Apply biosecurity measures
Prepare and apply chemicals
Transport and store chemicals
Troubleshoot irrigation systems
Maintain nursery plants
Implement a propagation plan
Implement a plant nutrition program
Provide information on plants and their culture
Control weeds
Control plant pests, diseases, and disorders
Contribute to work health and safety processes


Install pressurised irrigation systems
Operate pressurised irrigation systems
Maintain pressurised irrigation systems
Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing
Prepare growing media


Skill and knowledge are assessed in a number of ways throughout the course including assignments, observation, written assessment, practical and class participation components.



Full Fee Course Price $5,750.

In Queensland funding is available through the Queensland Governments User Choice Program to support completing this qualification. Student's eligible for Government Funding pay co-contribution tuition fees as follows:

  • Non-Concession: $1552 ($1.60 per nominal hour)*
  • Concession: $620 ($0.64 per nominal hour)*

*Student co-contribution fees calculated on standard course consisting of 970 nominal hours. Nominal hours subject to change depending on Elective selection. Eligibility criteria apply.

Further information on User Choice Funding.

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