Start studying at home, save money and earn transfer credit towards your Bachelor of Business degree. Students can complete up to 1 year of your bachelor’s degree online, through the Diploma program, before finishing your studies at university.
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Save Money

A cost-effective and innovative pathway to accelerate undergraduate studies enabling students to earn credits recognised by universities nationally.

Study Flexibly

Students can save a significant amount of time and money by taking online classes while working, travelling or undertaking their university application process.

Normal Bachelor Degree Pathway

Apply Directly to University

Look Now Training Bachelor Degree Pathway

Study at home.
Earn one year of credit.
Completed Diploma of Business

Apply to University

Complete remaining units at University

Find employment or continue studing


Diploma of Business

Career Pathway

Look Now Training Diploma of Business graduates can start working immediately in their chosen industry.


University Pathway

1. Study Flexibly
2. Earn one year of credit
3. Apply to complete remaining units at university

Bachelor of Business

Get Employed

This Diploma can lead to employment as a:

Human Resources Officer

Executive Officer

Project Consultant


Corporate Services Manager

Business Development Manager

About the Look Now Diploma of Business

Nationally Recognised Training
24 months
Start date

Program highlights

Students can begin studies in their University Bachelor’s Degree prior to applying or receiving acceptance to their destination university.

Universities receive a pre-qualified student who has proven themselves and has completed recognised credits.

Courses are recognised for transfer credit and guaranteed to be accepted by participating universities.

Earn a maximum of 1 year credit to a bachelor’s degree program.

The Look Now Diploma of Business has been developed to ensure you graduate with knowledge, skills and options.

Diploma graduates possess the core knowledge and contemporary corporate skills required to move into business and management roles in established organisations or become an entrepreneur and launch your own business.

Graduates have the option to continue to University Bachelor studies.

The Diploma of Business will teach you how to research, analyse and interpret information in a business environment. The practical skills you learn will equip you to effectively market a brand, manage projects strategically and help you become a valued industry business professional.

Benefits to students

Significant Cost Savings

Students can potentially save over $30,000 in tuition and living expenses (varies by university and location).

Our tuition is up to 60% cheaper than a normal first year bachelor’s degree.

As an online student, this eliminates the average $20,000 per year in housing/living costs that most traditional university students must pay to live out of home

Significant Time Savings

Courses are delivered online meaning start dates are up to you!

This allows students to complete the first years’ worth of credits in under a year should they choose.

This may allow for mid-year intakes to University. That is start now and gain 12 months’ worth of credit before joining your friends on campus for Semester Two.

Supported Study

Choosing to study online does not mean studying alone. You will receive guidance from your personal coach and a dedicated trainer, along with a team of assessors and support staff committed to ensuring your success.

From learning how to navigate your online classroom to providing assessment support, our team of Coaches and Trainers will provide the help you need, when you need it.'

How does the Look Now Diploma of Business Pathway Program work?


Students who meet application requirements, and have completed a high school certificate or equivalent, are eligible to apply.

Lower cost

The Diploma of Business University Pathway Program costs significantly less compared to completing the first year of your degree at university. It also allows you to forego living out of home expenses.

Study online

Our online learning system guides you through each unit of your course. It’s intuitive and easy to use. Once enrolled, you can familiarise yourself with the online system by watching a guided tour. If you ever do feel a little confused, our support staff can assist.

Earn University Credit

Look Now Training has a verified pathway with the University of the Sunshine Coast that confirms 8 courses of credit completion for the Diploma of Business, which is equivalent to a full year of study for their Bachelor of Business program.

Learn Relevant Future Skills

Utilise practical tools and templates

Gain exclusive industry insights

Access online anywhere, anytime

Units of Study

Manage Personal Work priorities and professional development
Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness
Manage Meetings
Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities
Undertake Project Work
Manage Risk
Manage Workforce Planning
Support the Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff

Participating Universities

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