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We employ staff who delight in helping
students look forward to their future.

Image of Lynn


Lynn began her career in the fashion industry in Sydney, where she worked with some of Australia’s most iconic brands. She then worked as a uniform design consultant for schools and owned and managed a business equipment organisation for over ten years before moving to Queensland and almost by mistake becoming a business trainer! Lynn loves assisting individual students with higher educational pathways and engaging with our Diploma of Business students.

Image of Susan


Susan will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in Individual Support. Susan has over ten years of experience in the aged care industry, most recently as a Trainer and Assessor. Susan continues to serve as a caregiver while she is not Training. Susan’s hobbies outside of work include camping, gardening and minor renovations around the home.

Image of Gaye


Knows a thing or two about beverages. She will have your cocktails, mocktails and coffees perfect by the time you finish her course! With many years of industry experience and a love of teaching, Gaye really nurtures her student’s success.

Image of Dana


Numero Uno when it comes to Community Services Training. Dana is a trained youth worker and has completed her Bachelor of Social Work. Cool, calm, and collected, Dana will get you qualified without any fluff or fuss.

Image of Wilina


Our Business Development guru is passionate about assisting our youth and collaborates with local Sunshine Coast schools to help students get a head start in the workforce. Wilina’s 18 years in the employment and training sector have equipped her with expertise and knowledge across many qualifications and pathways. She is a National Customer Service Award recipient too!

Image of Glenn


Look Now Training RTO Manager, chief caterer, chief logistics officer, chief covid-safe officer, chief of pretty-much-everything. He’s been in Registered Training Organisations longer than he’ll admit, first as a Trainer and then in Compliance and Management. Every morning before work Glenn posts a picture from his garden on his Facebook account.

Image of Britt


Britt has spent more than 15 years in the training industry, in administration, project management, management and for the last 5 years in compliance. Britt is responsible for ensuring that Look Now Training is providing top quality training in line with the required standards and that Trainers are qualified and meet current industry expectations. We keep winning awards so it must be working!

Image of Carolyn


Carolyn assists our students in so many ways. She is a Trainer and Assessor working across business and employment readiness areas. Carolyn is also a motorbike enthusiast!

Image of Ian


Ian is the original green thumb. He ran his own successful flower farm right here on the coast for many years and since then has been teaching Horticulture courses to share his tips and tricks of the trade. If you can get on board with his dry sense of humour, you’ll learn more than you’ll ever need to know for a successful career in the green (plants that is).

Image of Sarah


Sarah is happiest on the farm with her horses, but in the office, she is focussed on business development and recruitment for our Community Services and Advanced Aged Care Courses. One of our latest recruits, Sarah is kicking goals already!

Image of Britt
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After many years involved in the training industry, I still get excited by the transformations that can occur in people’s lives through participating in training. This could be something as simple as job search or personal development or a full qualification. Training has something to offer everyone at any stage – we are all lifelong learners!

Britt - Look Now Training Compliance Officer

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